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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Well, I wouldn't say no...to these bikinis

Clockwise from top left:
J.Crew $106

With beach weather upon us we are in desperate need of bikinis. These are some of our faves at the mo. Whether halter, high waisted, string, or strapless, any of these are great to hit the sand and sea in.


Friday, 7 June 2013

Clinique: All About Eyes

After burning the candle at both ends sometimes you just need a little treat for your tired little eyes. I say look not further than Clinique ladies. This gorgeous soothing serum helps eliminate dark circles and definitely makes the area around your eyes look brighter! I like the fact that its super refreshing and not too sticky! Also how cute is the peach coloured bottle!

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Taba Heights: Egypt- The perfect vacation!

Always wanted to visit Egypt but not sure you fancy the bright lights and chaos of commercially known and popular destination Sharm El Sheikh, then Taba Heights resort Marriott is for you.

With 5 star accommodation, scorching weather all year round, it’s the perfect way to start your summer especially if you’re sat at home wondering what happened to spring?

The resort of Taba Heights is set in the most breath taking surroundings with stunning mountains providing the backdrop, and on really clear days the views of Jordan and Saudi Arabian mountains are so amazing you can’t quite believe how close you are.

I stayed in a junior suit with a sea view and highly recommend this, it was perfect with its own balcony and sun loungers it was exactly what you wanted for quiet afternoons away from the beach, I could lie out and happily read Cheryl Coles ‘My story’ without fear of being judged by my literary choices and in the evening looking out onto the sea and seeing the moon light reflecting off the water was truly breath taking.

This holiday is great for friends, families and couples and there was a healthy mixture of all, which I really liked and is a good sign that it is a ‘fits all’ holiday.

If Sun Sea and sand is not enough relaxation for you, the Spa at the Marriot will without a doubt have you transported into a land of blissfulness. We managed to strike a deal and after many jokes about camels and how many my boyfriend could swap me for we had negotiated three treatments including two hour long massages in a twin treatment room. If you love to haggle this is the place to come, it’s a great place to practice too if you are a more inexperienced traveller or shy when it comes to negotiating the sellers in Taba have a great sense of humour and were very friendly and reasonable never were they too pushy.

If relaxing is not really your thing don’t worry because there are plenty of excursions and trips available. From diving in the red sea which is very beautiful to quad biking though canyons for the more adventurous (we tried this one). Admittedly the last time I was on a quad bike I was a teenager roaring horrifically through one of the Greek islands probably scaring locals, but I can happily say I am now and this was so much different.

All in all Taba Heights and the Marriot was the perfect get away vacation the hotel was lovely the staff where attentive and friendly and there was plenty to do! I felt truly looked after and rested after a weeks stay.

The bad bit: (everyone has one bad bit on holiday otherwise it wasn’t real) if you’re precious don’t read on.

My only down side was suffering from the Egyptian food curse ( but apparently everyone gets it, it is like the new ‘deli belly’) no matter what, I tried to avoid the ice/water/salad you name it my stomach felt unsettled nearly the whole time and I often planned my day around my proximity to the nearest bathroom, which were always clean and empty  and never too far away, which was only ever going to be a bonus. I feel like if I didn’t pre warn you of this I’d be lying/omitting one side of the important truth and I don’t like to do that we can all take honesty can’t we, and I guess (if you’re being positive which I like to do) that’s part and parcel of travelling (that’s what I told myself any way).

I’d recommend the Marriot in Taba Heights and I am really looking forward to going again!

Booked with Secret Escapes & Longwood Travel
Must do: The Spa & Quad Biking in the Canyon

By Rosa Doherty 

Monday, 3 June 2013


I really love the Ciate polishes, not only because of the little satin bow that sits at the top of the bottle (even though this little detail definitely adds to the love) but also because I think they are a great quality brand. I love the fact that the length of the handle makes it easier to get a full coverage on every nail with one stroke and that the curve on the back of the bottle means it sits perfectly in your hand... all that aside, it also seems to last around 4-6 days on me, which is pretty good and they have a really great range of colours. At the moment I'm loving the blue 'Holiday Blues' and the red 'Dangerous Affair'

Have you tried any, What do  you think?


Sunday, 2 June 2013

It's that time of year

Well, it's that time of year again and picnics have been the go-to gathering over the past few (very) hot days. My favourite simple thing to make and bring to these outdoor potlucks is my easy guacamole recipe...easy because there are no measurements. Everything is done to taste, so it can come out slightly differently every time, but equally delicious. Using ripe avocados add salt and pepper, chopped tomato, onion, lime juice and hot sauce. Mix it all together and voilĂ , you've got a perfect option to bring to any summertime gathering. 



Friday, 31 May 2013

Well, I wouldn't say no...to pineapple

Romper: Topshop $50.00
Shorts: River Island $20.00
Bikini: J.Crew  $92.00
Crop Top: Oasis $70.00
Dress: Modcloth $52.99
Bag: Moschino Cheap & Chic $574

With summer sun shining down on us (and for us New Yorkers, the humidity levels rising) we have been on a bit of a tropical kick. Not only a favourite snack or smoothie add-in, pineapple has been all over the place. Printed on shorts, bikinis, or dresses, we're crazy about the tropical flavor our summer wardrobe has. 


Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Sometimes you've just got to laugh

I know outfit posts are supposed to be sultry and moody. But that just wasn't happening on this day. I went to a good friend's wedding and it truly was the most wondrous day that there ever has been. The weather was perfect, the bride beautiful, food delicious and the entertainment, well entertaining.

Dress: Monki
Bag: Chanel
Shoes: Gap
Necklace: H&M

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Products: & Other Stories

& Other Stories is basically my main squeeze at the moment. I'm in love with all the paired back minimal pieces and sleek beauty products in equal measure and these body scrubs are no exception to the rule. I am already half way through the Moroccan Tea  flavour... is it weird that I called it a flavour?! so I was beyond delighted to receive this little tub of joy to try out.

Firstly, the packaging. I know it shouldn't be an important factor when picking beauty products, but for me it is. I'm obsessed with how chic this range is and love how nice they look stacked up in the bathroom (what a loser.) I also think for such an affordable product it feels really luxury and really made a difference to the texture of my skin. I loved the Morrocan Tea and I'm super excited to try this one out. 

I actually have a shopping list as long as my arm, I may do a 'wishlist' post later this week.

Stay Tuned


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