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Monday, 3 June 2013


I really love the Ciate polishes, not only because of the little satin bow that sits at the top of the bottle (even though this little detail definitely adds to the love) but also because I think they are a great quality brand. I love the fact that the length of the handle makes it easier to get a full coverage on every nail with one stroke and that the curve on the back of the bottle means it sits perfectly in your hand... all that aside, it also seems to last around 4-6 days on me, which is pretty good and they have a really great range of colours. At the moment I'm loving the blue 'Holiday Blues' and the red 'Dangerous Affair'

Have you tried any, What do  you think?



  1. Hello!

    I've never tried Ciate nail polishes unfortunately due to them being quite pricey but I love the bottles too! They look so perfect and like each has been made individually which is lovely.

    I never tend to go for expensive nail polish as I change up my nails so often but these sound pretty durable so maybe worth investing in for toenails? Maybe one day I'll try them!

    I'd be interested into your thoughts on their Caviar nails!

    L x
    ♥lucylovehart - ♥life♥beauty♥thoughts

  2. Oh you definitely should! they are amazing - really cute packaging which is half of the attraction! The Caviar, for me, weren't so good - im quite hands on and practical with my work so i found them coming off quite easily :( also i like to change my colour like every 3 days. So i'd say no to the Caviar but a definite big yes to Ciate :) x


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