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Saturday, 28 July 2012


It's that time of year...Vacation! With London experiencing a typically unpredictable summer season, i have decided the best thing to do is pack up and get out. Its been an insane week with work, so this morning was the only chance iv'e had to shop and pack for my two week break in Cyprus!! Whilst choosing and packing (a later post to come) outfits is always fun, i actually love summer beauty essentials. Here are mine...

Almond oil - About £2 from any good chemist, and amazing for dry skin, scalp and split ends

Hawaiin tropic suntan lotion - £12.59 taboo maybe to some...Factor 4, yeh i know but hey it's my vice. Smells amazing and after 5 days on factor 15, this baby just finishes the job.

Bodyshop deep moisture hair set £7 being in the sun can really dry out your hair, so i have every intention of leaving this hair butter in over night and waking up with a silky mane... i'l keep you posted

Hawiian tropic after sun £12.99 smells like 'being on holiday'...you know what i mean, literally addicted

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream £25 - lips, skin, cuticles, even hair. Saviour!

Bodyshop vitamin e range mini £10 - I love anything in a mini version and anything from the Bodyshop so this little bundle basically made my day

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