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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Wardrobe Detox

I don't really have any fashion rules (except feeling very strongly against the word fashionista)but i do have one item that i can't live without, well infact i don't feel any woman should live without. This item is a grey t-shirt. I know it seems simple, but i really don't know how i would get dressed 5 out of 7 days of the week without it. I have 18 variations of a grey t-shirt and i love each and every one. So surely you can understand my shock, horror and utter dissapointment when friend after friend confessed to me that they do not own a grey t-shirt ajhjhsjkahkd....How is this even real?! I swiftly purchased 3 of Zara's finest and gifted a few pals.

However, one friend in particular needed more than a grey t-shirt. The bestie in question had be hanging on to too items that were either purchased pre millennium, the wrong size or just a tad bit hideous....See shoe below.

So after a complete detox which lasted just under 3 hours and consisted of a few 'i'm keeping those, no you really shouldn't keep those' conversations. We both felt so much better, the pile above was bagged up and shipped off to the nearest charity shop, Rosa could see all of her pretty pieces and finally understood the beauty of the GREY T-SHIRT! Prior to our wardrobe detox we purchased two grey and one white t-shirt... See the gorgeous Rosa, in her white t-shirt below. 

For more information on the wardrobe detox email us on info@seamlessstyling.com 

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