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Thursday, 23 August 2012

California Days

Jewelry designer Michaeline Becker creates chic and simple designs inspired by the sun and sand of her home in California. Michaeline began making her own jewelry when the styles she wanted were not available in shops. "I could not find the perfect set of earrings to go with my black dress, or the perfect necklace to go with my new blouse."
The relaxed style of California inspires the designer to make easy but elegant pieces that can go from day to evening.
"You can wear the same black T-shirt to a backyard BBQ or a night out on the town, depending on what jewelry and shoes you wear with it." (Or grey in our case. Here at Seamless a grey T-shirt is the go to item for any day or casual evening look.)
Many of Michaeline Co. pieces are made from natural gem stones, a favourite material of the designer. "I find it amazing that such vibrant colors and patterns come straight from the Earth.  Plus, the way that they can be cut to catch and reflect light make them that much more enchanting." 
We agree. The natural beauty of quartz or onyx works perfectly for any relaxed day time outfit through the night. Michaeline's new projects include pieces inspired by and to be worn with lingerie, an idea that even a prim a proper girl (including some of us here at Seamless) can get excited about.

Here are some of the lovely pieces by Michaeline Co. 


To view these pieces at the Michaeline Co. etsy shop:
Michaeline Co. Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/MichaelineCo 

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