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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Summer Feast

I love to get fresh and local produce at one of the many farmers markets in my area. During the summer months it's especially fun to head out to hunt for tasty treats like fresh lettuce, fingerling potatoes, and local eggs from free range chickens. The atmosphere of he market is so wonderful, with families shopping together and picking out plums and tomatoes, little kids learning how to smell melons to see if they're ripe.
Today I picked up some new potatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, an amazing cantaloupe, eggs, tomatoes, and a bunch of leeks. I think it's time for a wonderful salad and omelette.
Today I went to the farmer's market in Park Slope, Brooklyn at the entrance to Prospect Park at 15th Street. That market is open every Wednesday. Others in the area include Saturdays at Grand Army Plaza in Park Slope, and Sundays on 5th Avenue and 4th street. In Manhattan the market at Union Square is a daily staple for fresh fruits and veggies as well as baked good, fresh flowers, meat, and fish. If you don't live in New York it's worth getting in touch with your local council or community organization to see where your nearest farmers market is. There are many other options including farm collectives, coops, or community organized gardens. Or, if you're very lucky, a good old honor box farm stand.

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