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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Muji wishlist

At Seamless we are all about (trying) to stay as organised and on top of things as possible. I can be particularly scatty and as much as i love my iphone and ipad i can't seem to get away from the simple delights of just writing something down...In my bag i carry, at all times, the tech devices above, a pen, a sharpie, a highlighter, a diary and a note pad! It's hard to believe i still forget to do things. Anywho with my love of writing things down comes a major love of Muji...Infact all of us at seamless are pretty much addicted to Muji. I think its the simplicity of it all, everything's clean and crisp and just walking into the store fills me with the nostalgic excitement of writing my name on a new text book on my first day back at school.

Being freelance its really important that your space at home feels like as much as an office as possible. Sadly (For me) i'm the type of girl who highlights her choices on a takeaway menu, just to feel official, however i'm sure these double ended highlighters serve plenty more a purpose. I'm also becoming increasingly attracted to the retroness of carrying a pencil case around in my handbag.

I want this diary so bad, It's got a great writing space on the inside and the white faux leather style cover feels chic and kitsch all at the same time.

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