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Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Any given day is different...as most freelance creatives will agree! Here's a quick snap shot of today in London.

9am: A quick stop off at the press preview breakfast for Storm. Croissants, coffee and swooning over lovely watches, thank you chase pr.

A quick whizz to return pieces that didn't work for a client, which inevitably turns into a shopping trip for me - loved this 90's style sweat with the middle pocket.

Whole foods (one of our favourtie places ever!) Are holding a tasting session. These drinks were so yum with loads of different flavours, carrot, coconut and parsnip being one of them!

Oh yes two purchases quickly made at Whistles, Couldn't decide which Breton stripe to get, but there on sale so it was fine to get both, right?

An appointment with my-wardrobe...Pulling dresses and jewelry but couldn't help a quick sneak at the bags. This Philip Lim arggghhh it's definitely following me!


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