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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Do you want Sex and the City or a 9-5 job?

"Something I wrote a few months back...What do you all think?"

I would definitely describe myself as a total Sex and the City fan. Having watched the entire box set a billion times over, I still find my self slipping a disk (usually season 3) into the desktop and settling down to a few hours with my four New York besties.  I have seen every episode too many times, yet I laugh at the jokes as if I’ve never heard them before and feel the pain for Carrie every time I watch Charlotte stumbling over the page 6 wedding section of the New York times only to see Mr.Big’s wedding splashed across it. Yes ladies and Gentleman I am a SATC addict. Whilst generally I don’t have a bad word to say on the matter, yes, even the films… yes even the second one. The other night as I watched the whole Aiden/Mr Big love affair unfold I did get to thinking….
Bar Charlotte, all four of the cast members maintain jobs in competitive fields. I’d even describe them as successful and career driven young women. That said, they all seem to spend very little time at work.                                                                
How does a partner of a huge law firm have time for coffee shops, marathons and cocktails?  Then there’s the director of a ridiculously successful PR company (her success suggested in the colourful, '50 fucking thousand bid' for a diamond ring). Where on earth she has time for blow-dry’s, Martinis and blowjobs I don’t know. Lastly there’s the teeny tiny writer who yes does have her handy laptop open in every episode, yet for sure spends more time sipping cappuccinos and cocktails than penning columns and novels.
 I believe it is the sheer fantasy of these ladies lifestyles that has helped raise a breed of women who want for high success but hope to gain it through bikram Yoga and a triple shot Latte. And I’m one of them. The 9-5 lifestyle just isn’t for me- never has been. Everything from my first job whilst at college to my dream jobs as a graduate has flipped my stomach at the discussion of schedules, lunch hours and holiday pay. Now guys, I am far from work shy but the thought of routine, knowing exactly what the day would hold, knowing exactly who I’d see and what I’d have for lunch made me feel sick to my stomach.  This is why the day I graduated from university I became a fully-fledged freelancer. It’s the joy of working on a TV show one week and editorial the next. It’s the love of working a 20 hour day (yup the exact scenario I was faced with this week) but having the following filled with sorting out your invoices from the comfort of your own home oppose to battling rush hour to get to the office. I love my job and would work 7 days a week if and when required but just knowing that I don’t have to sign into the same place every day at the same time, with the same people and the same options for lunch literally saves me from a life time of morning panic attacks.
 Miss. Bradshaw and Co have made me feel like its more than acceptable to go for eggs with girlfriends on a Tuesday morning and why wait until Saturday to take a Zumba class when actually it’s the Wednesday afternoon class that I prefer? Lets just hope my freelance lifestyle of client fittings after eggs with the girls and Prep before Zumba will amount to a walk in wardrobe with more Manolo’s than I know what to do with.

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