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Monday, 28 January 2013

Products: Used, using, use

So a little weekly blog segment has begun,
These are a few products that we've either just used, are currently using or use all of the time

Bumble and Bumble Alojoba conditioner £23.50: Ahhh I have been so excited about trying the Bumble and Bumble products. It feels like everyone and their mothers are raving about the cool New York brand so I have officially jumped on the bandwagon. This conditioner firstly smelled amazing, I used quite a lot as I have ridiculously curly (frizzy hair) that's quite thick and I wanted to really condition the birds nest that was developing on my head, I left this conditioner in for 2-3 minutes and rinsed out. I could almost instantly notice that my hair was much shinier than it had been and felt really soft. So far so good, i think im going to try something from the curl conscious range next! 

Welda Pomegranate body lotion £21.95: This is my second bottle of this lotion (this is a good sign) it feels great on the skin, I suffer from quite dry skin so I quite appreciate the fact that it's thick, with an oily sort of base. It smells as good as you can imagine and I'm always a fan of natural, lovely goodness.

Body shop drops of youth £22: Sadly I haven't been most impressed with this product. As a general, I'm kind of the biggest fan ever of the Bodyshop, I pretty much think they can do no wrong and 90% of my skincare routine is theirs. However after using these drops I don't feel that much more youthful looking that I did pre drops. Moral of the story is that we should stop trying to reverse the clock and celebrate the aging process gracefully (especially as I am scaresly in my mid 20's)

Benefit, 'they're real mascara' £18.50: Product of the week Do believe the hype, this little pot of joy literally does everything it claims to do. Curls, lengths, thickens, stays clear of clumps. AMAZING! I used to be a die hard fan of the Dior backstage, but my heart has been stolen.

Until next week homies x

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