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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Eating Clean

Food today

Today I had a really great day eating cleanly! After doing a huge fruit and vegetable shop yesterday I was really looking forward to experimenting and building on recipes I had already tried. Both the salad and the smoothie have a gizzilion different things in them which makes for a really filling meal and also means you wont get bored of any one taste.
I honestly used to think people were talking absolute lies about being full from salads or having a bowl of fruit to beat sugar cravings...but I may have joined the dark side because after having the smoothie at around 11am and the salad at 1pm I was absolutely stuffed. Not the same sort of stuffed from say a burger, chips and fizzy drink (that's the need to sleep for 4 hours, can't move kind of stuffed!) I was more full to the brim but could go for a jog and not feel sick if I so please...That said, I didn't so please on this occasion and instead procrastinated on a gossip website for some 40minutes....


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