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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Chelsea Day Spa: Facial

This afternoon I had the absolute pleasure of visiting the Wandsworth Bridge Road branch of the Chelsea Day Spa to sample one of the Darphin facials. I have previously had a manicure at the Hollywood Road boutique so I was super excited to be visiting the newer spa to have a look around.

I was greeted by the lovely Sharon, who runs the branch and seems to be a guru at all things beauty (I later found out that she has been in business for 16 years). After a little look around we got straight to business and on to the facial.

Now I have to be totally honest with you and confess that I have actually never had a facial in my entire life. I'm not really sure how amongst massages and pedicures I hopped right over the land of facials, but somehow I did. Sharon began by asking me about my skincare routine and the type of skin I have. Generally mine's quite dry so we opted for the Kiwi and Pomegranate hydrater. 

I was fully conscious for the first five minutes (a bright light skin examination and a slightly painful extraction) but the rest was somewhat of a blur....The facial was quite possibly one of the most relaxing treatments I have ever had. Every detail of the hour long treatment was perfect and considered. From the music to the lighting to the temperature in the room. The little touches such as the bed below that I lay on was heated (I mean that alone would have warranted a good review really) and a fan just above me that was both warm and cool at different points of the facial.

The therapist, Sharon, is by far one of the best I've seen. Generally whilst I love having treatments like massages, I always worry that there will be this odd pressure to make conversation when all you want to do is relax. Or that if you do want to ask a question, the response will be stiff and unwelcome. What I loved about today was that Sharon knew exactly how much conversation to make so that I felt at ease, yet equally knew that when she was massaging my shoulders so well that I was only a second away from napping (yup thats me) that this wasn't the time to start discussing the weather.

She was honestly fantastic and made the whole experience an absolute joy.

I left the spa with skin that felt softer and lighter, in the sense that it definitely had an instant glow to it, that in this horrible weather my skin definitely lacks.

To me there is nothing more enjoyable than a really brilliant beauty treatment! And I'm not talking ok or good--I'm talking brilliant. I'm sad to say that up until today my last REALLY BRILLIANT treatment was a hot stone massage I had in New York over a year ago, so thank you Sharon and The Chelsea Day Spa for a really, really bloody brilliant facial. I shall see you again shortly!


I had the hour long Kiwi and Pomegranate hydrating facial which is usually priced at £85.

As the Chelsea Day Spa is a 'Friend of Seamless' they offer all of our readers a 20% discount when mentioning #seamlessstyling. See www.seamlesstyling.com for more details

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