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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Essena O'Neil talks to Seamless Styling

Last week, we were really lucky to get the chance to ask the gorgeous Essena a few questions on fashion, health and beauty. If you don't know who Essena is, then firstly you need to get to know. Secondly, hop over to Instgram and you will see she is causing quite the stir! With 47k followers and an ever growing fan base you'll find it quite hard to believe that this focused and positive young lady is only 16!! Yep 16!! Ms. O'Neill is a source of health, wellbeing and positivity. On any given picture she'll have tons of young girls asking her for advice on fitness, so much so that she has written up her "set-plan" for other aspiring young girls to use. She is already working with one of Australia's biggest sports wear brands, Lorna Jane. We know there are big things coming up for this little lady


Seamless Styling: What are your top three beauty tips?
1. Make sure YOU feel amazing in what you are wearing. Forget what everyone else thinks, trust in you and be YOU! Especially when it comes to your style!
2. A natural eye and bright lips will never go out of style!
3. Dry skin? Try soaking in a luke warm bath, with a cup of your favourite oil! Mines Almond oil! After about 30 minutes, my whole body feels soft and nourished! 

SS: How would you describe your personal style?
Constantly changing, easy going, simple, and chic! Love a cute jumpsuit, while always seem to need another pair of knee high boots! I love a bright lip with a natural eye! I also leave my hair its natural wave!

SS: How important is health and fitness to you?
Honestly, it has always been a part of me. I struggled a lot with self esteem issues during my young teenage years, however after a while of being miserable, I decided to accept my body and treat it how it deserves to be treated! Health and fitness allows me to feel energised, confident and content! An active lifestyle is a life full of bliss!

SS:You have recently become an Instagram/Youtube sensation--how did this happen?
Thank you! I guess I know it's still early days, but I can't wait to see what the future holds! Basically, about 5 months ago (Jan 2013) a few girls started asking me for fitness tips, I answered, and the number just seemed to grow and grow. Fitness pages started sharing my Instagram account and before I knew it both my Tumblr and my Instagram just blew up with followers! More and more questions were asked, almost too many to answer! So I started writing up tabs of notes, even a 7 day fitness guide for those wanting a kick start into a healthy life style. 
Honestly, I am just being me, and hopefully inspiring other girls to do the same. Free our minds of judgement and let ourselves do what makes us happy! Shine and watch others do the same.

SS: Who is your style icon?
I have always loved Beyonce! She has such a bold yet cute style! Definitely in her attitude as well! 

SS: What do you do in your spare time?
Currently, if I'm not studying, updating my blog, filming videos, working at Mura (part time job at a dress shop) or working out--I love to just cuddle up in my tracksuit and watch some quality TV shows; FRIENDS, SVU even Pretty Little Liars! As much as I love getting dressed up and going out with friends, I will always be a homey kinda girl! I also love to read a good book out in the sun.

SS: What are your plans for after you finish school?
I am always been a "nerd" when it comes to school. Ever since my primary years, I have been extremely completive in terms of grades. I am aiming for an end of year result of an OP 1, which is the highest form of achievement Queensland Australia offers. What exactly do I want to do after that? That question is still unanswered, however I know it will be doing very similar things as I am now. I guess my hope is to motivate others to believe in themselves, accept their beautiful bodies and create their own happiness out of whatever it is they dream of!

 SS: What is your favourite exercise?
Power walking! 

SS: Favourite work-out song?
Bootylicious by Beyonce!

SS: Who do you look up to?
My mother before anyone else.

SS: Any tips for girls wanting to start Youtube?
Make sure you love what you are doing. Whether it's about fitness, makeup, style etc, make sure you LOVE your advice and can't wait to let others know. If you don't believe in yourself, then social media, especially Youtube can be daunting. Not everyone will like you, I get reminded of that everyday. But the key is to not let them define you, stick to what it is you love and you will never fail! 

SS: Your favourite quote?
"You see it in me because it's in you" Jules O'Neill 

Thank you to the ever lovely Essena.


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