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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Travel in Style... Even When Turning Right

As you all know by now, a few weeks back I travelled from London to New York to touch base with my ol' pal Claire, eat pizza for a dollar and other NY centric things! Before travelling I am always deliriously excited about arriving at my destination.... not so about the 7 hour plane journey. Infact the thought of sitting in a cramped (as you can see from the title I traveled economy) space amongst strangers, children potentially screaming children and bad school dinners for any time at all makes me feel quite sick.

So I have devised a little routine, just something that makes all this travelling on the peasant wagon a little more bareable. 

Spa Day:
I have quite a strict inflight beauty regime, which more or less starts the minute I hop on to the plane. I'm a minimal makeup kind of gal as it is, but as my flight was at 9am (Which meant up at 5) I was wearing nothing but a swipe of 8 hour cream. Either way I say start by wiping away any make up or build up with a cotton pad and a few drops of Bioderma.
I then set up a mini salon starting with a facemask (I use Dermologica's Skin hydrating masque not only because its super hydrating, but it's also transparent so its a great way to avoid scaring off your fellow passengers) 
Flying is a sure fire way to create desert dry skin so I always take extra care. I like to leave on my mask for the length of a film (at least) then use a super thick night cream, like the Body Shops vitamin E cream and  literally lather my face in it. 
It's also nice to pack some little face oils, eye creams and serum. Honestly you can never have enough moisture when on a plane... It's also a nice way to trick yourself into thinking your in a Virgin spa rather than a Virgin areoplane.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate:
Back to hydration, it's quite simple, DRINK WATER. Like not half a plastic cup full accompanied by the salty in flight meal. Nope, it won't suffice. You need to drink as much as your bladder will handle, trust me your body will really thank you for it. I'm famous for  always having my Bobble water bottle poking out of my tote. But for flying I trade in my medium size bottle for a large and try and get it re filled as often as possible. I also like to use the Simple Hydro-Mist, this is amazing to use during but also right at the end of the flight, it really brightens your skin and gives you a natural glow that quite frankly at this point you really need.

What's for dinner?
Now god bless Virgin for offering out sleeping eye things, pillows and the like--but sadly, a 5-star stay they do not equate. So I like to come prepared.... The Sanctuary do a great lavender eye mask, perfect for avoiding the smell of beef (am I the only one that can always smell meat when flying-- more of this to come) and Debenhams do an amazing, but cheap as chips travel pillow.

Beef. The smell, the taste, all just wrong when it comes to trillions of miles high in the air. Avoid it, in fact I might even suggest turning your nose up to 90% of whats served on the peasant wagon. It's hard, it really is. Because everytime you see the little silver trays coming towards you, you start to think 'oh maybe it will be nice' 'it smells better than last time' Kiddos, don't let your senses fool you-- its still the same poop. I like to try and eat something before hand in order to at least rule out inital starvation. Now of course if you have a London--LA flight or something equally as long then you'd be a crazy lady to avoid food together . But I say keep what they're offering to a minimum. Opting for something slightly (and only slightly) more nutritious purchased at duty free.

Magazines, iPads, books all of that good stuff needs to be packed and used. If like me you find sleeping on a plane, near impossible then you'll have plenty of hours to occupy. Your spa session should take up some time but once that's over you don't want to be left twiddling your thumbs.

Happy Travels Guys 


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