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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Day Two of New York Fashion Week F/W 13

The jeans are wax-coated. Cheaper than leather, and basically a Barbour for your legs!

The blazer is actually a boy's size 12! Don't be afraid to leave your department!

These leather Oxfords are soft as gloves and so comfy. Though not great for snow...

It's hard to tell, but the buttons are mini skulls. I felt very bad-ass if I say so myself
What I wore on Day 2:

My blouse is from Zara

My blazer is from Brooks Brothers. It's a boy's size 12 so can't button it as 12 year old boys don't normally wear a D-cup (here's hoping!) but it's got the perfect shrunken tailored look.

My jeans are from Madewell

My Oxfords are vintage and so cozy comfy

And my lipcolour is by Maybelline 642 Latte Beige


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