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Monday, 11 February 2013

Products: used, use, using

Week three of products: used, using, use 

Biore, warming anti blackhead cleanser, £3.49: For some reason I am a sucker for anything warming, which pretty much sums up the reason for purchasing this product. It feels great on the skin, is scent free and a fun blue colour. That said it hasn't been super effective in reducing the unwanted blackheads.

St Tropez, gradual tan moisturiser, £14.30: Product of the week Amazing! In the winter months my skin looses any type of natrual glow and instead I turn this sort of puke yellow/translucent colour (yeah it's gross!) So sometimes a little help is just what a gal needs. I've tried a few tanning creams but this is for sure my favourite for many reasons... a) scent free (not the usual horrible tanning smell) b) it hasn't stained my hands at all c) after using it only 3 times my skin has a really nice healthy glow d) no streaks, patches, tango effect in sight.

Revlon, Nail polish 310 'Timeless' $4.99:  Now I have given you the price in dollars because a) I know some of our lovely readers are American but also as far as I know this colour isn't yet sold in the UK, which is SUCH a shame. This has to be one of my favourtie colours ever -- it really is a very chic, timeless shade of grey that more or less works for absolutely every occasion/outfit.

Lancome, bi facial eye make up remover, £21: Sadly i havent been moved by this product -- it's ok, but kind of just ok. I find local pharmacy products to be just as effective for 1/3 of the price. Generally I love Lancome, but in this case it just wasn't working for me

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