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Monday, 11 February 2013

Playing with Patterns, While Playing in the Snow

Don't mind the missing pinkie, I have very small hands
I do love a glove-mitten hybrid. Glovittens? Mitloves? I like mitloves.

Nothing like good old Hunters (and these are old, being mom's from the 80s) for a romp in the snow

A Barbour is a good thing to have when an unexpected mini storm falls from the cherry tree above

What I wore today for my romp in the snow:

My angora beret was a gift from a friend, and a winter wardrobe staple

My sweater is by Moth

My merino wool leggings are from Madewell...as are my mitloves (love my new word!)

My trusty Barbour jacket, perfect for a day like today

My vintage Hunters (Huntresses) were once Mom's but I have taken them over.


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