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Monday, 25 February 2013

Products: Used, Using, Use

Week Five: Products, used, using use

L'oreal, Anti-frizz conditioner, £1.95Product of the week I am a bit of a L'oreal virgin, aside from the odd can of Elnett, I am yet to enter the world of Loreal hair. But I decided I wanted to be 'worth it' too, hence the purchase of the conditioner. I have only used it twice, but both times after drying my hair it's been bouncing ringlets oppose to frizzing 'fro. This makes me very very happy! The fact that it's on offer at Superdrug at the moment makes me even happier....Go get this!!!

 Johnsons, shower and shave cream £2.34: Now this little wonder... I can't remember whether or not I purchased it at at a beauty sample sale or the pound shop. Both environments follow a strict everyman for themselves policy when it comes to getting a bargin! Anywho, this little shaving cream cum shower gel is a regular fixture in my gym bag! I'm kind of sad its nearly finished as its great and does exactly what it says on the label, I like a straight forward product!

Super, Brighting activator, £28.50: Ahh I really wanted to love this product, but sadly i dont! I love the packaging and the ingredients (Melon) sound delicious, but I found it quite strong on the tingling front and also smells quite chemically- generally a no go area for me.

Estee Lauder, eye cream, £38: This eye cream is really good. Smells wonderful, feels soft and silky on your skin and after using it for a couple of weeks, I do feel brighter eyed and bushy tailed.....


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