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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Throw Back Thursday: New York 2010

Sitting on the steps of the Met #casual
My favourite picture from the whole stay. I frickin' LOVE New York
Something was really funny in Victoria's Secret
Still very excited about the purchase of knickers
2am dessert trip to Juniors
Luckily I close suitcases for a living because this badboy was full
Nadine and I visited Liberty Avenue. Great vibe, great food!
Kinda drunk off cheesecake and coffee I think
Only a little Harlem gem, one of my favourtie restaurants in the world
I mean Chicken and waffles...what is this?! I don't know but it's good
Metro lovin'

2010 saw our first girls trip to New York, after meeting the year before in London. We had so much fun we planned another one swiftly afterwards, but here are a few #TBT pics from our first trip! There are few tell tale signs that these are throwback *coughs, eyebrows coughs.* That said I'm off to New York again in a few weeks and literally can't wait to actually be in the same timezone as Claire. This trip I'll be setting of with fuller brows and returning with plenty of memories, and of course fun pictures for you guys to see.

What's your favourite place to visit when in NY?



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